Kertalangu Cultural Village

  • 23 Desember 2016
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  • Tourist attractions in Denpasar is located in the middle of rice cultivation area of 80 hectares which is very sustainable and green in the middle of Denpasar City. Cultural Village Kertalangu used ...

Wifi Corner Park, Education Space in the Global Era

  • 23 Desember 2016
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  • State Parks Lumintang not only as a center of community activity, but is expected to be as educational space.  For that constructed a wifi corner park. In this park, the public can ac ...

Mangrove Forests Favorite Place For Prewedding Photo

  • 23 Desember 2016
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  • Mangrove forest area  identical with swamps and mud, and then how to get past the mangroves? Surely there will be no end that would set foot on the muddy swamps. Therefore, the management of ma ...

Interactive Art Museum (I AM) Bali, museum 3D

  • 23 Desember 2016
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  • Loves selfie in unique places? Let's try visiting the 3D museum in Renon. Its location in the basement of the museum Bajra Sandhi, once this place was a parking lot now transformed so ...

Promo Nyonyo Milkbar

  • 23 Desember 2016
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  • Good news for jimbarans people, in nyonyo_milkbar will held soft opening promo for JIMBARAN branch  STARTING AT 4 AFTERNOON  Tuesday, December 6, 20 ...

Blayag Buleleng Gunung Sanghyang

  • 23 Desember 2016
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  • Recommendations lunch today "Blayag Buleleng". Warung Singaraja, sanghyang mountain road, Kerobokan. #BaliFood #KulinerBali. There are also Nasi Campur, balinese snacks is no less de ...

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