A Hundred Years Papyrus Was in Bali Museum

  • 23 Desember 2016
  • Dibaca: 190 Pengunjung
  • Denpasar.  Lontar or  papyrusis a media documentation in earlier times, at which time the kingdom has been no book like the present to write.   In Denpasar, Bali itself until today sti ...

Inna Bali Hotel Built by the Dutch Occupation Era

  • 23 Desember 2016
  • Dibaca: 229 Pengunjung
  • Denpasar. Inna Bali Hotel , is one of the oldest hotels in Denpasar, even in Bali. The hotel has 70 rooms built since 1927 ago.   And until now the hotel is still work on. The hotel building tha ...

Fingerprint Painting Museum

  • 23 Desember 2016
  • Dibaca: 248 Pengunjung
  • Fingerprint Painting Museum was build in 1993. It launch after 2 years build, exactly on Juli 1995. The person that has the idea and the owner of this museum is Gede Ngurah Rai Pemecutan.    ...

Go Find Your Hats in Bali Hats

  • 23 Desember 2016
  • Dibaca: 208 Pengunjung
  • Get many kinds of caps in Bali Topi at the mall Gajah Mada 130, Dauh Puri Kaja, Denpasar Utara.   In addition to direct purchase, you can also book it for specially, to be the reseller. Minimal ...

Satria Bird Market, the Center of Bird Sales

  • 23 Desember 2016
  • Dibaca: 186 Pengunjung
  • Feel noisy with the sounds of vehicles passing along the way? Try now by park your vehicle at Satria Bird Market located at the Veteran.   The chirping of thousands of birds that inhabit the mar ...

Denpasar Night Art Market in Kumbasari

  • 23 Desember 2016
  • Dibaca: 288 Pengunjung
  • In addition to Kreneng market, Denpasar also had one other place that can serve as the evening entertainment in Denpasar, it is Art Market Kumbasari. Until now there is no historical evidence, that tell the ...

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